What the blog?

You may have noticed that Trailing Grace has been very stop start, all over the place, and with no real direction.

Guess what?

So have I.

Aside from my training in preparation for the New York City marathon, the rest of my life has been like an erratic pinball bouncing around from one end of the machine to another – ting, bling, flash, shake, woooooo, yeah, ahr, no, boo. 

I couldn’t ignore the decline in numbers and the interaction I had enjoyed with Project Grace 2010 taking a dive. It was disheartening. However on the upside, everytime I’d post a Facebook status about a personal acheivement in my marathon training – the response was overwhelming.

This got me thinking…

Trailing Grace was to be a central spot for people who know me to keep track of me – whether I’m hosting a cycling tour, preparing for a marathon, publishing a children’s book, producing a song or having moments of enlightenment – you can always drop in for a virtual visit. But for those that don’t know me – it’s pretty boring.

You see, when you’re a ‘somebody’, everybody wants to know EVERYTHING about you – what you ate for breakfast, who you met for lunch, where did you go, what did you talk about and what brand of toilet paper you use. On the other hand, when you’re a ‘nobody’ – people don’t care. And let’s be honest – right now, in the big wide blogging world, I am a nobody. This will no doubt hinder me on my road to world blog domination 😉

So how do I become a somebody?

I write about things that people want to read – call it marketing if you will [gasp!].

If the response to my Facebook post is anything to go by – people are interested, even inspired, by my journey to New York. So in light of that, a new blog – 9 Months To New York – was born.

9 Months To New York is specifically about my mental, physical and emotional journey to the New York City marathon. It’s the blog that you subscribe to by email, you share on Facebook, tell all your friends, family and colleagues about, and wait for each post with bated breath. It’s the blog that everybody tells everybody about and in a few years there’ll be a movie about it and you’ll get to say “I was following Grace waaaaaaaay before the rest of the world was”… and you’ll be cool (which I already know), and everybody will want to know what your next hot tip is. 

So what will happen to Trailing Grace? 

Well, Trailing Grace was to be what it was always intended to be – a central spot for people who know me to keep track of me. So watch this space and see what else evolves in this bustling world of mine. 

Until next time, allow your pinball to settle before shooting it straight where you want it to go.

Grace xx


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Out of office

My husband Pat and I received a call late last night and have been asked to step into the shoes of a Brisbane couple who have a bicycle tour scheduled to operate during Adelaide’s Tour Downunder. We were informed that their house has been flooded and are consequently entrusting us to take their places while they pick up the pieces of their lives.

So today I attempted to compress 2-weeks worth of work into 24-hours before I board my flight early tomorrow morning. As all the details have yet to come through, I cannot be sure how much computer time I’ll have while I’m on tour – so I’ll say in advance, please excuse my potential lack of contact between from now till the 27th January.

If I sent you a personal email earlier today and are reading this blog – please excuse it’s repetitiveness. In a bid to save time, I’ve cut and paste from a few sent items. Sometime you just have to do, what you just have to do.

Until next time (not sure when), do what you have to do to stay afloat.

Grace xx

ps. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the floods in Queensland and other affected areas within Australia. 

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There’s a link between the Brisbane floods, the Tour Down Under and your’s truly.

Way too tired to even type. 

Just stay tuned and all will be revealed.

Until tomorrow, keep your head above water.

Grace xx


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New York, New York

On December 3rd, 2010 (one month after turning 40), I mustered up the courage to enter my dream event and partially declared it on Project Grace 2010 in a post titled ‘It’s Official‘.

I was very reluctant to name the event for three reasons:

  1. I was recovering from a relationship of broken promises to myself, so I was very wary of avoiding old patterns and adding insult to injury.
  2. Though I had registered for the event, my participation was determined on whether or not my name was drawn from a lottery.
  3. I was just plain scared. 

Then after five and a half weeks of training six days a week, something magical happened this morning – I crossed over a threshold. I went from shuffling, to barely jogging into what I can honestly call running. Yes, I ran. By the end of my session, I had gone ran furthest distance in my set time frame whilst remaining in my optimum heart rate zone. A huge milestone.

When I returned home I knew that no matter what, I had to run my dream event. No. Matter. What. Not only that, I had to tell the world – for how else would the cosmos conspire to align all the planets for me. So here is my public declaration, made on this day 11/01/11…

I am running the New York Marathon on 6th November 2011 (3 days after my 41st birthday).

Attached is a photo I’ve had all around my house and on my desktop for the last month. It’s time to share it with the world.

Until tomorrow, be brave to declare your goals and dreams – even if you don’t quite know how it’ll all happen.

Grace xx




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The edge

My brother and his family are currently mixing pleasure with business in the USA. Every so often I will receive a photo or three with a brief rundown of their adventures, and I love it.

The last batch of happy snaps included one of my 6-year old nephew standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon (pictured above – with my head to a. protect his identity and b. add a bit of humour to this post).

My brother assured me that the photo was not a trick and my nephew was in fact standing on the edge. This immediately made my heart palpitate and a wave of anxiety came over me, followed by a sigh of relief – all in the matter of a nanosecond.

If you were to ask my husband Patrick, you would learn that such a reaction to being near an edge is not unusual for me. In fact in reality, I am afraid of most edges no matter how far off the ground they are. I become paralysed and require a great deal of self-coaching, combined with deep breathing, to overcome the situation. It’s completely irrational, embarrassing and ridiculous. 

So what is it about standing on the edge that overwhelms me? Does it go deeper and impact other areas of my life? My guess is that it does. 

To me, an edge is a tipping point. Once you go over, there’s no turning back. Standing on the edge means taking a risk, no matter how big or small. It’s not the damage that scares me, it’s the fact that you can’t go back.

Right now I’m perched on the edge of making a real go of my life. I have big plans, set goals and am excited about what the future holds. Very excited. One of the actions I have to take in order to reach my goals is to make phone calls – a whole bunch of them. To me, that is like standing on a cliff face in the Grand Canyon – it completely terrifies me. 

My fear is so great that I have organised my house, got my administration in order, created an entirely new social media network and identity (Trailing Grace) and tomorrow night I am starting a women’s support group at my local gym – all in the name of avoiding an edge dubbed ‘I have to make those phone calls’.

Oh my goodness am I insane? Is there anyone else out there like me?

Before I descended on myself and beat myself up for being pathetic, I took a hold of myself. I went to the photo of my 6-year old nephew (the original picture, the one without my head) and looked at his expression. There was a wary alertness in his eyes as he wore a cheeky, joyful and playful smile. Perhaps that’s how I ought to approach my next edge.

Until tomorrow, do not judge yourself and your fears. Instead, learn to understand them and find an alternative way to overcome them – with a wary glance and a cheerful smile.

Grace xx


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Sunday Sentence #1

Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.
– Jawaharal Nehru

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All I wanna do is talk talk

Since embarking on Trailing Grace a week ago, there has been a noticeable shift in my desired method of communication – which I’m finding a little disconcerting. 

Project Grace 2010 was primarily about writing – my arms had become an extension of my heart, eager to transfer words and feelings onto the keyboard via my fingers (well… on most days). However I’m noticing that I have a greater need to talk right now and typing has become quite difficult. There’s a disconnection, which I hope is only temporary.

I had become familiar with PG2010. Comfortable, actually. So this new platform, new design and new direction is leaving me somewhat uncomfortable.  I hope that this is just a natural response to change and it won’t be long before I return to my fully-expressed, writing self once more.

If truth be told, I feel a little uneasy in this new space. It’s a bit like moving into a new house and instead of dining in your brand new kitchen, you opt to go outside and have a BBQ. I also wonder whether my old friends know that I’ve moved house… have they stopped popping over for our regular chat and a cup of coffee? Perhaps I 

As I wait for my words to come back to my hands through my heart, I will leave you with my latest YouTube instalment. In this one, I delve into how to heal emotional injuries. It’s worth noting that ‘being heard’ can be achieved in a number of ways – and it doesn’t necessarily have to happen face to face. The incident that I was referring to (but didn’t specify) was something that happened when I was around four or five. I wrote a blog post about it last April, titled Rising Star.  

Until tomorrow, know that there are many ways of communicating, even though your preferred method may not possible.

Grace xx

ps. Email subscribers click here to view video


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